• Hundreds: The Circus EP

    Out: April.22.2014
    The exclusive US EP containing remixes from Jan Roth and T.H. White. Original track (Circus) from the upcoming release Aftermath on May.27.2014

  • Andre Obin: Ways of Escape

    Out: April.29.2014

    The new full length from Boston’s hypnotic darkwave architect. The follow up to last year’s highly acclaimed The Arsonist. Pitchfork describes Obin’s new offering as “A synth-pop spectacle of alluring light and sound.”

  • Hundreds: Aftermath

    Out May.27.2014

    The US debut full length from one of Europe’s most talked about new bands. Aftermath is a stunning, complex and lush collection of new tracks by siblings Eva and Phillip Milner. Recorded in the isolation of the German countryside after almost three straight years of touring, The 405 describes Aftermath as “ Nothing short of magnificent, hypnotizing and evocative recalling feelings of Pink Floyd, Little Dragon and Radiohead” Hundreds will be on tour in the US, Europe and Asia beginning in April 2014.

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